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Coordinator: Christopher McLoughlin
Acolytes serve the Lord at the Atar during worship services. Duties include tending the thurible, carrying torches, processional cross and incense, as well as assisting the ordained ministers. Acolytes serve as examples of reverent worship to our Lord.

Coordinator: Sue Carlock
Altar guild serves by tending and maintaining worship items used at the altar. This includes providing the Eucharistic elements as well as cleaning and maintaining all altar linens, glassware, chalices, Eucharistic vessels, candles, altar and related wooden instruments and furnishings. 

Head Minister: Amanda Newcomb
In His Steps (IHS) Dance Ministry serves the Lord through worship with dance during Eucharistic celebrations as well as other public venues. Additionally, classes in liturgical and spiritual dancing are available for all ages.  For more information, you can reach the In His Steps Dance Studio at:  (828) 285-0360.

Overseer:  The Ven. William G. McLoughlin
A team of trained clergy and laity are available to assist those who seek deliverance from evil spirits.  One of the major reasons Jesus became human was to free us from demonic influence.  St. John writes:  "The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil's work." (1 John 3:8)  Careful planning is required for this ministry.  If you are interested, please contact one of the clergy.

Serves the Lord through providing refreshments and meals at special events of the parish. The goal is to encourage a warm, welcome environment for all attending. 

Coordinator: Miranda McLoughlin
Serving during weekly worship through the public reading of Old Testament lessons, New Testament epistles, and prayers of the people.
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Serving the community by providing resources for members. These include educational and devotional audio, video and readings with Christian authors such as C. S. Lewis, Dennis Bennet, and others. Required texts of St. Michael's seminary are also available for check out. Four series of children's videos are available including the complete Veggie Tales, the gospel according to St. Bernard, the New Testament animated series and Quigley's Village.

This is a group of men, chosen by the rector of the parish who help carry the weight of ministry with the clergy and support the spiritual growth of the parishioners, especially the young men of the parish.  A group of committed lay men, the pillars of the church, are helping guide the young men of the parish in being built up into the foundation and structure of the church, with Christ Jesus being the Chief Cornerstone.

Coordinator: Sue Carlock
Available intercessory prayer for any significant need or concern can be lifted to the Lord by many members of the church during waking hours, seven days a week. Call the coordinator with to add your prayer request to the chain or to serve.
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Coordinator: The Ven. William McLoughlin
Supporting Christian prisoners at a number of local correctional institutions with community volunteers, transportation to worship (for those eligible), sacramental ministry, religious instruction, and pastoral support.

Worship Leader: Jack Nitterauer
Provides musical leadership for weekly worship as well as public venues such as evangelism outreach events. Regular practice is on Monday evening beginning with Eucharist, open to all, at 6:30 pm..

Rector: The Ven. William McLoughlin
Assistant Rector: Rev. Father Christopher E. Newcomb
Ordained clergy ministry provide special sacramental ministries such as private confession, special services such as baptism, service of holy matrimony (both with instruction), annointing of the ill, pastoral counseling, teaching and spiritual direction.

Mentor: The Ven. William McLoughlin
As a satellite campus of St. Michael's Seminary of San Clemente California, Church of the Resurrection offers classes on both the undergraduate and graduate level.  The undergraduate level classes are open to all interested individuals.  The graduate level seminary classes are focused on preparing for ordained ministry and registered students must be candidates for ordination. Classes, though, may be audited by anyone interested.
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All sermons at Church of the Resurrection are recorded and available on line.  Prophecies are transcribed and included on the parish web site.  The sermons are also available in audio format on the web site.

Coordinator: Ron Filka
Serving during Sunday worship, ushers greet arriving worshipers, hand out worship bulletins, and receive the offering.  They are also available to assist visiting worshipers in following the service. 

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